13 January, 2009

Desk Set: On the Fourth Day, Todd Anderson Stood Valiently

Protesting when no one else dared
to speak up first, would others have asked
for the poetic justice he called for?

His school desk becomes a soap box,
and he lays out his blanket of truth
for you to curl into.

The last stood first and for that moment,
standing alone, he evolved from an amoeba
into a lion.

All this happened in four words,
Whitman’s line:
“O Captain, my Captain.”

Aerodynamic: On the Third Day Neil Perry Found Serenity

Gliding through a starless sky,
he aims for the glow of Heaven.

Staring into a midnight tunnel,
his closed eyes are a shield against

pain. The night air is warmed by the
release of earthly slings and arrows.

He can no longer feel the rough woven
branches of Puck’s crown of thorns;

a blast of air, heat and suddenly
no aches, no joys, no feelings left.

He seized the day; then snuffed
out his light.

All they found was the stench of gunsmoke
in the air and the shell he once called home.

Swoon: On the Second Day, Knox Overstreet Felt Pride

Alive with the death of his embarrassment,
he smugly settles into the joy brought by her
smile, letting it act like electricity to his spine,
making it stronger and straighter.
The seized day lays down its hands
in a worshipful bow.
Her inconsequential classmates whisper uncaring
critiques of his love poem for her.
He finishes his piece, running before he can get
a response. He fears this feeling will precede his
As he sneaks out of her school, he steals toast from
the kitchen and offers nothing but a
peacock’s smirk.

Sonorous: One the First Day, Charlie Dalton Created Chaos

Saxophone notes crash
into each other,
words ebb away
and make visible
into damp cave air.
Weaving and stumbling, poetry
is forced screaming
into existence,
like a baby
from the impatient mother.
It flaps a butterfly’s wing
and causes a hurricane
in the hearts of those
who hear it.
Poetry into music,
letters and images become chords and notes,
notes and chords.
Sound doesn’t know